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Sales Rules

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011

- I will not sell to anyone who has been banned from pkmncollectors.
- I will not respond to requests via PM or email. If your interested in something please post.
- There is a minimum purchase of $5 required.
- I will allow for putting a hold on items. The end of the week is the max I will allow for putting a hold on items. Otherwise I will put it back up for sale.
- I allow for trades. Link me to your thread and I'll see if this is possible. If I see nothing I will have to decline.
- If you don't reply back to me within 2 days I will move on to the next person who is interested in the same item as you.
-ALL items are negotiable. If you think something is priced to high let me know and maybe we can negotiate on a price :)

Payment: - I accept PayPal (in USD), postal money order (money order from the post office only).
- I will only send the items upon receiving payment.
- Prices do not include shipping costs. I will provide the total cost with shipping after calculation.
- Unless you request for insurance, I will arrange for normal shipping. I will not be held liable for items lost after I have posted them.
-When using PayPal select GOODS as payment.
-When using PayPal please include your screen name as well as what items you are buying. This will make it much easier for me to figure out what I am sending to who :)

- I ship from New York City worldwide.
- I'm near a post office so I can easily ship stuff out. Either next day or during the week.
*I come from a pet free environment*

My existing feedback can be found here
Click here for Nintendo World items, non-pokemon items
Click here for Pokedolls and plush
Click here for Trading Cards/Accessories (STILL NEEDS TO BE UPDATED)
Click here for Clothing/hats/bags
Click here for various flats
Click here for various Miscellaneous item

Click here for Pokemon World Championship merch
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